Antelope Island Half Marathon & Layton Marathon + Antelope Island 10K/5K (On Antelope Island)

After 7 years of the Layton Marathon we were in need of changing the finish location due to all the new construction and homes being built in Layton City. After listening to our runners we decided to have more course on Antelope Island. The Half Marathon 10K and 5K are 100% on Antelope Island now. The Half Marathon will start near Garr Fielding Ranch (where the Layton Marathon used to start) and run the island and finish at the Marina. To see all the new courses check out the course pages of the website.

The Layton Marathon will still be a Boston Qualifier but we will see if we can still do world records on this course with the new layout. There will still be a run on the causeway and the road to Garr Ranch however the back side of the island will now be included in this race.



Antelope Island Half &

Layton Marathon Video



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