Layton Marathon - Half Marathon - 10K - 5K

The Layton Marathon was established in 2010. This race starts on Antelope Island, the largest island on the Great Salt Lake, and runs 10 miles across the island which is home to 600 bison (American Buffalo), mule deer, and hundreds of other wild life. After 10 miles on the island the race crosses a 7 mile causeway that spans the Great Salt Lake at which time it meets up with the Half Marathon course on the causeway. After the causeway the remaining 9 miles are a combination of farmlands and residential homes finishing on the West side of Layton City.

Like many marathons in Utah, the Layton Marathon is a Boston Qualifier. Unique to the Layton Marathon is that it is the only course in Utah that can qualify you for a World Record with Guinness. It can also qualify you for the Olympics. The Layton Marathon is considered a "True" marathon by USATF in that it is primarily flat, with only 200 feet of elevation change. The course has a unique C-Shape, so no runner will have an advantage of a tail wind in that a tail wind would become a head wind at another point on the course. Many runners are surprised with the speed of the race even with the unique course. In 2011 the Layton Marathon set a world record for fastest linked team and in 2015 the Layton Marathon set a new world record for largest linked team of 82 runners linked for the duration of this race. There are over 100 world records for a marathon which are based on speed and others based on unique challenge. We encourage you to try to break a World Record if you can!!!


Layton Marathon - Video



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